Full Engine Rebuild
North Cascades Harley-Davidson®
1337 Goldenrod Road
Burlington, WA

Service Description

A full engine rebuild enhances your machine’s performance. We disassemble the engine down to the bare block and rebuild it with all new components. A full rebuild includes new parts, such as gaskets, oil pumps, timing chains, gears, and belts. You’ll get remachined valves, valve seats, and crankshafts, as well as a new air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, water pump, and all the power of a rebuilt engine.

Our Service Team here at North Cascades Harley-Davidson is dedicated to providing the highest quality Harley-Davidson service possible to all of our customers. General maintenance and repairing minor or major issues is what keeps you riding. Whether it's your first 1,000-mile checkup, or a 50,000-mile Harley-Davidson scheduled service, our highly trained and skilled technicians will get the job done carefully, completely, and professionally to get you back on the road to make the most of your season.

Our Service Department is open and staffed 5 Days a week for your convenience.

Our team is proud to say that we have over 65 years of combined trained technician experience. Simply put, we love what we do.