Rewards Program

Harley-Davidson® Rewards Program near Seattle and Tacoma, WA


Login, and start saving! Be sure to update your information including your birthday to earn your birthday rewards!

Points Earned   Reward Amount
300 = $15
500 = $25
1,000 = $50
1,500 = $75
2,000 = $100
5,000 = $250
10,000 = $500

Once you have reached the following points your account will be moved to the next reward level:

Bar & Shield 2,500
Chrome 5,000
Screamin’ Eagle 10,000

Reward coupons which are printed by the customer will automatically expire in 30 days from the creation date, after which they will no longer be valid to be redeemed in the More Than Rewards intranet portal. Earn 1 Reward Point for every dollar spent on Parts/MC, Service Parts. Excludes sale items and service labor. Major Units 2,000 points.